How To Submit Art

1. All submissions should be mailed or delivered by the deadline, August 19th, 2012, to ensure the artworks are included in both the exhibition and distribution. However, the cut-off date is a soft deadline, pieces of art can still be submitted until the day of distribution. This means we cannot guarantee the art being shown during the exhibition, but at least it can still be passed out.

2. Works can be handed in personally three different ways depending on location:

  • Works can be dropped off at either 7112 N Mears, 5723 NE 59th Ave, or at Sohitek Gallery Saturdays from 1pm to 6pm.
  • If living in a place not conveniently located near the drop-off sites, please contact to arrange a meeting.

3. Works cannot be handed in by e-mail, papergirl is purely analogue. We like to uphold the status of handiwork and authorship.

4. As previously mentioned, papergirl is uncensored and non-selective; anyone and everyone can participate. The art comes from the streets and it is up to the recipient to exercise opinion.

5. Finally, contact information, such as artist name, website, and city, should be provided. It will be connected to the work when distributed.


3 responses to “How To Submit Art

  1. Hi,
    This sounds like a great project and I am excited to participate. I have a question about the submission/dissemination process. Should I make copies of a piece, if so how many? Is there a guideline or limitation on how many pieces to submit? 11×17? Completely open theme?

  2. Is there a size limitation?

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